★About Ariana★

👋 “Hi! I'm Ariana, a 24-year-old graphic design student. I create content focused on study/work from home and cozy gaming. ☕️🎮 My goal is to provide a safe and relaxing environment, inspiring others to create their own productive space and enhance their gaming experience. 🎨 Let's engage, make new friends, and be part of a wonderful community together!” 😸🤎

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About "bear" 🧸

"When designing these grips and case, I wanted it to really resemble my overall aesthetic. 🍂 I do love warm, neutral tones and wanted to also incorporate my little bear oc, Kopi as well. 🐾 Since the cozy gaming community means so much to me I wanted this design to be dedicated towards them and to give them a case with matching thumb grips that display a cozy gamer."

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Turning concepts into reality

“To me a cozy gamer is someone wrapped up in their favorite fuzzy blanket 🧸, eating their favorite snacks 🥨🥤 and drinks and playing their most favorite game 🎮🎧, whatever that is. I hope everyone can see themselves in the design. 🤎”