🌟 Unleash your imagination with PlayVital x Monchi. 🍉
Art and 🔧 technology collide for an extraordinary experience.
A mind-bending collaboration is here! 💖

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★About Monchi★

“Hi there! 💖 I'm Monchi (Montserrat Bofi), a Peruvian illustrator specialized in cute animals, food & unique objects art. 🐼🍰✨ I love to evoke happiness through my work, so I'm thrilled about the "Watermelon Sweet Treats" collaboration with PlayVital. We poured heart and soul into this design to bring joy to gamers like us! 🌈 🥰”

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✨ Quoting Monchi: "As an illustrator, I draw inspiration from things that bring joy to my life, and watermelons are one of them. Their refreshing taste and bright colors are just too cute to resist!"🍉🍹

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