We provide a 6-month warranty period for all products. During this period, if your product has any quality problems with the product itself, it will be repaired, replaced, or refunded by us.

The following conditions are NOT covered by the warranty:

  1. Deterioration and/or failure due to normal use,wear, or aging.
  2. The user damages the product deliberately or negligently, such as misusing, dropping, throw or abusingthe product in other ways.
  3. Unreasonable or excessive use of the product, including commercial use.
  4. Electrical damage caused by power surges, lightning, or other sources external to the product.
  5. Scratches, dents, or other appearance changes can change the product or its original condition.

If you have any questions or warranty concerns about PlayVital's product, please feel free to contact service@playvital.com.