Protective Case

1.PS5/4 Controller Protective Case:

Q: Does PS5 controller protective case interfere with the range of motion of the analog sticks?   

A: No.

Q: Will the PS4 controller still fit on the charging dock with the Controller Protective Skin on?

A: No.

2.Xbox Controller Protective Case:

Q: It says in description it doesn’t fit with headphone adapter, but will it fit with just plain 3.5mm headphone port or does it cover the port?

A: After installation, the cover will interfere with the headset adapter, but the 3.5mm headset will still work and the port will not be covered.

3.Nintendo Switch Series Case:

Q: Does this snap onto your Switch, or do you have to remove the original case?

A: No need to remove the original case, just snap it on your Switch.

Q: Does the case fit with a screen protector on?

A: Yes.

Q: Will my Switch still fit in it’s traveling case with this case on it?

A: Yes.